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Electronic sports (eSports) fill a niche in between conventional sports, virtual worlds and digital entertainment. eSports are the renewed expression of the eternal desire to excel of the human nature, adapted to the laws of a digital environment.


Our goal is to lead the development of the eSports industry allowing Spanish-American and North-African gamers to enjoy their favourite hobby as a lifestyle and offering them entertainment in order to help them in their personal and professional growth.


We organize events and competitions, we manage professional clubs and elaborate content and audiovisual productions on the field of videogames, hardware and technology industry.

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Our World:

We make different things for the development of eSports

Dreamhack Partnership


We hold the privilege of being exclusive partner of Dreamhack, the biggest digital festival of the planet and worldwide leader in development of eSports as a cultural, commercial and media phenomenon, in Spain, Latin-America and Morocco. With our Dreamhack Valencia event, which we celebrate annually since 2010, we drive the expansion of Dreamhack culture in the countries of our zone of influence.

Valencia eSports Congress


In collaboration with Dreamhack AB and Twitch, we organized the first international congress of eSports, which in 2012 gathered more than 20 industry leaders in Valencia in order to debate common problems to all the agents in the sector –leagues and tournaments, professional clubs, players, events, media, public, developers or clients.

eStar. Professional eSports Club


In our effort to drive the development of electronic sports in Spain and Latin-America, and after two years of players’ training in the first Spanish eSports players Academy, eStar is a professional eSports club in which we make the industry grow within its own essence: competition.

Our clients:

These are some of the clients we develop eSports with:


We play as a team. We understand eSports.

team 1

Arturo Castelló

Member Bio image

I’m a professional of marketing, communication and new technologies, and passionate about RTS games and digital entertainment. Co-founder of Encom, founder of Dreamhack Spain, co-organizer of the Valencia eSports Congress.

team 2

Berni Melero

CEO and Communication Director
Member Bio image

I’ve always though live must be seen as a game, more or less fun but always entertaining. I’ve dedicated almost my whole life entertaining myself in the digital environment, in a lot of different ways: data analysis, market, definition and creation of websites, interactive apps, communication strategies, marketing, etc. And now eSports, the funniest digital entertainment.

team 3

Jaime Grau

Content Manager
Member Bio image

Videogames and Internet made me realize that there are a thousand ways to tell a story, and I studied Mass Media and Marketing to create and experiment with a thousand ways more. I’ve worked in conventional sports, and now I’ve jumped into electronic sports.

team 2

Nicolas Hamman

Head of eSports
Member Bio image

My mother tried to send me to the psychologist because she thought I talked to the computer. I’m an eSports commentator and organizer of competitions since I realized I spent more time in the Internet than outside of it. As they say, I’m an enthusiast of electronic sports and passionate about StarCraft 2. I also try being funny, but I don’t succeed at it.

team 2

Reyes Sáenz de Juano

Member Bio image

After my beginning as a journalist, I directed my professional life towards the world of marketing and advertising. Music, travels, events, .. I’ve been always near the entertainment. I love sports and eSports is my new challenge.

team 2

Cristina García

Art director
Member Bio image

Graduate in Industrial Design and master in Product Design. I developed my professional career in the world of graphic design in which I’ve been working for the past 12 years. Partner and co-founder of the digital agency Canales Corporativos in which I work as art director, providing value on the creative process and communication.

team 2

Taj Alcharani

Coach and Manager
Member Bio image

Although I’ve always been a videogames enthusiast since always, Dota 2 has been my real passion. I use my experience as a commentator and my analytical capability to give my team stability and functionality.

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